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[FIC] La Famiglia (8059+ Toshi)

Title: La Famiglia
By: mintia
Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn
Pairing: 8059 + excess baggage
Warnings: OC insertion
Genre: drama
Disclaimer: Only Toshi is mine and dtn's.
Note: Happy birthday to my partner-in-crack, dtn. We've spanned a lot of fandoms and OTPs together, I hope we can break more brains 8D.

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"Toshi-kun, get in the car."

Everyone near the school gate stared at the shiny black car parked by the sidewalk. A man with black was motioning to one of the students to get into the car. It was just a gun short of a kidnapping scene and could have caused panic. But in Toshi's school, this was a common thing. The school had seen something worse, of course, like a whole army of men in suits marching down the corridors when Toshi's Grandpa Uncle Dino came to visit and hand him his lunch.

Only Toshi noticed that something was wrong. First, the one who fetched him was not one of his dads. Second, the one who fetched him was Uncle Hibari who rarely accepts baby-sitting duties. Third, Uncle Hibari called him by his name instead of "herbivore spawn". Fourth, they were fetching him even though it was early morning and he has barely entered the school.

"Did something happen, Uncle Hibari?" Toshi asked as he slid into the car beside his uncle. Even the chauffeur's face looked grim. When both did not say a word, Toshi sank into an uncomfortable silence, staring out of the window and hoping that bad news would not be waiting for him wherever they will go.


His hope was shattered, though, when they entered Uncle Tsuna's manor. Almost everyone was gathered in the receiving room, even Aunt Kyoko, Aunt Haru and Aunt Hana who rarely attend meetings. For the first time, no one was hurrying around serving tea or wine to everyone. They all just stood and sat in motionless silence until Uncle Hibari announced their presence with a cough.

As if timed, Toshi's relatives all nodded to him darkly and moved so he can approach the two people who sat in the middle of the room. His Uncle Tsuna was wearing a suit, but it looked disheveled: a sleeve was torn and his tie was torn in half, not to mention his leg was bandaged tightly. He had several bandages in other parts but he did not seem to mind. On the other hand, Toshi's dad, Gokudera, sat across Uncle Tsuna, his body slumped forward on the coffee table as he rested his face in his hands. He was still wearing his glasses, so he must have been called while in the middle of work. When Uncle Tsuna called Toshi's name, his dad sat up and looked at him.

From his papa's face, Toshi knew there was trouble and it was something serious. It takes a lot for his dad to make a scared face and right now, he was showing it to Toshi.

"Papa, what's happening?" Toshi said, dropping his bag on the floor and walking towards his dad. He rested his hands on the arms of the chair where his dad Gokudera sat. "Why does everyone look so sad?"

Uncle Tsuna released a long breath. "I'm...I'm so sorry, Toshi," he shakily said as he ran a hand over his face. "It's my fault..."

"Don't apologize, Tenth!" Toshi's papa suddenly said. "Don't blame yourself over this. It was a fight and it's our responsibility to protect you." He said such encouraging words but his face was still that of a miserable person, Toshi observed.

"Gokudera-kun...I'm still sorry..."


"You better explain the situation to your son first, Gokudera," Uncle Ryouhei cut in. "You wouldn't want to confuse him."

Toshi looked at his papa and then at his Uncle Ryouhei. For the first time, he had not heard Uncle Ryouhei call his papa "takohead". What ever was this serious thing that they need to tell him? Right after he thought of the question, Toshi realized that his other father was not around.

"Toshi..." His papa pulled him close so they faced each other. "Right now..." His papa faltered and looked down, as if thinking of the right words to say.

He was not knowledgeable of his parents' work, but he knew enough to realize the situation. "Did something happen to Otousan?" he asked quietly, as if afraid that he'd be told that he was correct. "Where is he?"

The only answer his papa could give was the tightening grip on Toshi's shoulders. Eventually, Uncle Fuuta, walked up to them and took the responsiblity of explaining. "Listen, Toshi-kun. Your fa-- Yamamoto-san was injured in a fight last night. Because it was such a big battle last night, we still cannot locate him."

Toshi stared wide-eyed at the university student. "Otousan is..."

Fuuta took a deep breath. "Our men are still looking for him at this moment. We want you and Gokudera-san to stay here so that you will hear news about his whereabouts first hand." After he spoke, it was as if everyone heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Part of Toshi wanted to ask about the possibility that his father will be located in one piece and alive. But he did not want to ask for fear that they might tell him something bad. He stood frozen, eyes on the ground. Everyone seemed to be on their toes, deciding between comforting him and leaving him and his father alone.

Seeing his papa distraught, Toshi wanted to think positive and look strong so he wouldn't add to the burden. But tears still fell when Gokudera leaned over to embrace him tightly. "Your father is a strong man, Toshi. He said he will come home, didn't he?" his papa whispered as Toshi cried.

Toshi had never wanted to believe his papa's words so much as he did at that moment.


"Here. You haven't eaten since lunch. Drink this before you sleep. I'll call your school tomorrow and tell them you won't go to class."

Toshi accepted the glass of milk his papa made. This was his first meal since breakfast. His papa probably hadn't eaten anything today. But at least he looked less miserable than this morning.

That afternoon, they received news that Uncle Tsuna's men had found his other dad, Yamamoto, under some ruins. He was injured badly, but they took him as soon as possible to the famiglia hospital. When Toshi and his papa got there, all they saw was a mass of bandages on a bed. Apparently, his otousan suffered a lot of broken bones and cuts everywhere. He was still unconscious even though it's midnight.

His otousan did not reply when they called him over and over again. Toshi watched his other father in near tears as they waited while doctors and nurses patched his otousan up. When the doctors left, Gokudera called Toshi and they sat beside the bed in complete silence. Neither of them spoke, but Toshi could see his papa's mouth move, as if he's reciting silent words for his other dad. All the while, his papa held his otousan's free hand firmly and stared at the bandaged face -- the only thing visible under the wraps and blankets.

"Papa, will Otousan wake up soon?" Toshi asked on a whim as they both stood up to meet Uncle Tsuna outside the room.

He felt his papa stiffen, and then he slowly turned around to answer, "He needs to, or I'll punch him in the gut."


Toshi woke up to a clatter of a metallic bowl falling. His papa was apologizing to a nurse who seemed to come to check on his otousan's vital stats.

"It is alright, Sir," the nurse cheerily said. She was recording some numbers from a machine, Toshi could see from the lazyboy where he lay. "Yamamoto-san's vital signs are stable at the moment," she announced.

Toshi thought it was probably good news since his papa heaved a sigh. "Thank you," his papa was saying. "Will he wake up soon?"

"Oh, I am not sure. Only the doctor can say," the nurse said. "Are you two related?" she suddenly asked. Toshi watched his papa fumble around for words but before he could reply, the nurse babbled on. "Gokudera-san, you look like a really caring friend, even staying up all night. You must be tired. Do you want me to guide you to the hospital cafeteria? You can take a break there?"

The nurse was annoying, Toshi thought. He covered his head with his blanket in an attempt to drown out the sound of her babbling. His papa must be annoyed, too, but he was surprisingly quiet. Frowning, Toshi wished the girl would go away.

"Excuse me..." someone said. Toshi blinked and peered out cautiously from his blanket. "I know I'm all bandaged here and immobile, but can I ask...you not to hit on my wife?"

"Takeshi..." Toshi heard his papa say.

"I...I haven't embraced him for days now and I'm feeling extra possessive because of it," Toshi heard his otousan say weakly, but with a hint of mischief in his tone.

"Y-You...idiot," his papa muttered. The nurse quickly excused herself to find the doctor. Toshi also prepared to jump up and run to the bed but he stopped himself as he heard his papa cry.

"Don't cry, Hayato," his otousan said. Toshi watched his otousan reach up with his free hand, which his papa grasped tightly as he wept. "I thought you said you won't cry even at my funeral when we were in high school?"

"You dolt! You knew I was joking back then!" Toshi's papa sank sat on the bed beside his otousan. "Look at you! How did you become so messed up?"

Yamamoto laughed a little, as much as his bandages would let him. "Someone from the rivals had a crush on you and I got too serious..."

"What the..."

"I'm joking of course, ehehe..."

"You really are an idiot, Yamamoto Takeshi."

"Only with you. Come closer..."

"No, I can't..."


Toshi counted how long the silence ensued. It was longer than what he was used to. Eventually, his papa spoke up. "Stop that you'll wake Toshi up!"

"Oh, he's here, too?" his otousan excitedly asked.

Toshi heard his papa's voice getting closer, he feigned sleep as perfectly as he could. "Of course, we fetched him from school and went directly here afterwards... Toshi, wake up, your 'tousan's awake."

Blinking back nonexistent sleep, Toshi slipped out of the blankets to go to his otousan. Yamamoto was grinning when Toshi climbed up the bed. "Hey, pitcher."

Toshi had so many words and questions in store that he thought of while feigning sleep. Yet all of those disappeared as his otousan's hand landed on his shoulder. All he wanted to do now was to move by instinct, which he did as he embraced his tightly, bandages and all.

"Thank you for coming home," Toshi whispered as he hugged his otousan tightly.

"I have a family to go home to, why shouldn't I go home now? But ow, Toshi, not that part."

"Toshi, for goodness' sake, don't kill your dad."

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